9 Very Important Differences Between Being Busy And Being Productive

Despite working so hard, you’re not able to strike off most of the things from your to-do list. If you’re so busy, then why is that happening? Well, being busy and being productive don’t necessarily mean the same thing. You could be busy, but could still not deliver results. That’s because you’re not clear on the differences between the two. Here’s a guide to tell the difference.

1. Busy people always complain about how busy they are, productive people don’t

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It’s funny how people who are busy keep making a fuss about how busy they are. They have to let others know about how they’re drowning in work. Productive people, on the other hand, easily digest the fact that they have work and quietly put their heads down and start working.

2. Busy people are bad at prioritising. Productive people are great time-managers


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The reason busy people don’t accomplish much is that they don’t prioritise well. At first, they freak out with the amount of work, and quickly begin working without any plan. However, it’s important to chart out a strong plan and stick to it. This saves them time and their work gets done within the expected time.

3. Busy people multi-task while productive people single-task


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Doing three things at once may seem like an achievement, but in reality, you’re distracted. Single-tasking puts your focus on one thing. It really makes you the master of one trade, unlike multi-taskers who are jack of all trades and master of none.

4. Busy people equate ‘doing things’ as an accomplishment. Productive people only wait for the result


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In corporate world, your hard work gets counted only when the outcome is successful. Busy people have the habit of making their responsibility sound like hard work, but in reality, they are only doing their job. Productive people wait for the outcome and only if it’s a success do they take credit.

5. Busy people don’t take time out to socialise. Productive people make it a point to put important events in their schedule

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People avoid calling busy people to hang out because they know they’ll ditch. On the other hand, when productive people commit, they never fail to keep their appointments.

6. Busy people say ‘yes’ to everything. Productive people say ‘yes’ strategically

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Busy people take more on their plate even when it’s already full. Productive people are comfortable saying ‘no’ when they know they can’t manage.

7. Busy people reply to emails immediately. Productive people take their time and reply carefully

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A productive person rarely makes mistakes in their emails, whereas a busy person has silly errors in emails because they don’t put much thought into replying.

8. Busy people work for their bosses. Productive people work for themselves


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Pleasing bosses is the work of the busy. They want their bosses to be happy with their work. People who are productive make it a point to work for job satisfaction, not appraisals.

9. Busy people work hard, productive people work smart

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There is a difference between working hard and working smart. Productive people know how to work smartly, a skill that is greatly needed in today’s workplace.

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